Saturday, January 1, 2011

{catching up} lee & matt get married


Labor Day Weekend 2010: Shawn's brother Matt & his longtime love Leann finally tied the knot. During the entire wedding weekend, I managed to snap only this one shot of the happy couple: a blurry rendering of Matt and Lee practicing their vows during the rehearsal.

My dearth of documentation of the blessed event can be attributed to multiple factors, including lack of photographic skill {obviously}. But mostly, I chalk it up to the fact that for the duration of the rehearsal and the wedding I was: (a) six weeks pregnant, (b) foolishly teetering in three-inch high heels and spanx-ed into a size 6 sundress from my honeymoon, and (c) single-handedly responsible for wrangling this lunatic:

I managed to keep him off of the altar during matt & lee's vows, which was really no small feat. No sacraments were disturbed, despite Connor's mangling of the Holy Water font.

The ceremony was beautiful, even viewed from the confines of the {locked} cry room, and the reception was absolutely spectacular.

Lee was, unsurprisingly, a stunning bride. And Matt wore a tux.

My newest sister in law has been a fixture in Shawn's family since before Shawn and I started dating so she is hardly new to the family. She's the kind of girl who is so pretty you might want to wish her a stretch mark or two, but so kind and sweet that you never could. Whereas total strangers think that I may be a pregnant 40-something, Lee is often mistaken for the middle school students she teaches {although with many decades ahead of sleeping next to someone who refuses to repair his wheezing deviated septum, she's bound to get a few wrinkles eventually}. Needless to say, I won't ever be posing next to her in any Fenwick Island beach photos. In fact, I should probably refrain from taking any photos with her ever, really.

A rare exception: The bride & I at her bridal shower, July 2010.

We wish Matt & Lee a lifetime of happiness, filled with love, laughter, and beautiful blue-eyed babies! {on the latter subject: Lee, please note that your husband tried to feed Connor a whole grilled cheese sandwich when he was only 8 months old. When Shawn objected to the sandwich, Matt defended himself on the grounds that "it doesn't have ham in it." Good luck.}

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