Sunday, January 2, 2011

{catching up} farewell, mullet

Connor was born with a full head of dark hair. After 11 1/2 months of growth, his baby mane was making a definite style statement: muttonchops are back in.

Except that they aren't.

So, we took him to my mom's stylist for his first haircut a few weeks before his first birthday.

We started with this-- a mullet in its full glory:

With the assistance of 5 adults, including a professional stylist {who, to my great relief, did not lose any fingers in the sometimes-harrowing process}...

...and lots of bottled water & cookies...

our shaggy baby emerged as a respectable little boy:

Connor did not cry & neither did I.
Nor did I save his hair in a little baggie.

He's had two haircuts since, and has consumed in the process approximately 7 snack-size {slightly hair-covered} chocolate bars, and at least half a dozen {similarly hair-covered} sugar cookies. Feel free to judge. But my kid doesn't sit still for carrot sticks.

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