Tuesday, May 11, 2010

{letter to connor: 7 months}

Dear CP-

Seven months into your amazing little life, you are now revealing more and more of your budding personality, and charming the entire world with your chubby cheeks and two-toothed grin. Wherever we go, people exclaim over the wonder of your full head of hair and {even more commonly} your ruddy round cheeks. Sometimes when I am carrying you in the Moby, walking through a crowd, I'll hear a chorus of whispers trailing behind me of "cheeks!"

You love bouncing. You think every moment of the day is an occasion for bouncing. You would rather skip every developmental milestone there is and just bounce, bounce, bounce. You hold onto your doorway jumper with one hand, leaving the other dangling by your side as you pump your legs in chubby baby arabesques, lilting ever so slightly to one side.

You love the mirror. When you catch a reflection of your baby face, your eyes sparkle and your little mouth manages to lift those hulking cheeks into a thousand-watt smile. In short, you are delighted with yourself. {we can hardly blame you}.

You love grabbing mommy's hair and earrings {I, for one, am not as thrilled with this as you are}. You love giving people slobbery wet kisses on the cheek, grasping their face with both hands, and lurching forward with drooly mouth agape. You love your bottles. You love holding the spoon yourself. You love knocking all your toys off the high chair tray. You love being held. You love swimming. You love chomping on your bath toys. You love mickey mouse, of all things. You love your daddy, and save your biggest laughs for him.

The list of things you are not so fond of is considerably shorter. You do not love putting your arms through sleeves. You do not like pureed peas {again, can't blame you}. You do not like Ohio. {see prior parenthetical}. And you do not like sleeping alone.

Soon you'll need to start sleeping in your crib, as that {relatively} tiny 8 1/2 pound newborn has been replaced with a 25 lb wrecking ball, and we only have a queen sized bed. Although I know it is just about time for this transition, I'll miss snuggling with you, listening to your baby snores, and watching as you instinctively burrow into the crook of my arm, or grasp my thumb tightly while you sleep. I'll miss how you wake me up by pulling my nose or patting my cheeks.

There's no getting around the fact that you are growing up. Some days you look less like a baby and more like a little boy. I'm so lucky that I get to be your mom & cheer you on. Keep on bouncin, CP.


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