Tuesday, May 11, 2010

{happy mothers' day!}

Apparently, this year was my "first" Mothers' Day. However, I celebrated it last year, while I was pregnant with Connor. In my mind, I became a mother as soon as I saw those two pink lines last January.

Motherhood suits me. In being a mother to Connor, I've discovered more patience, more humor, and much much more love. Mothering is many things, and can't be easily reduced to quotable cliches, checklists, or needlepoint-ready adages. However, I recently read a brilliant reflection on motherhood written by Anna Quindlen, in which she observes that her children have done more than any other force to excavate her essential humanity. I don't think I could put it any better myself.

This Mothers' Day was a nice celebration of family. My parents came over for the 9:30 mass, then we had brunch chez nous {potato and spinach frittata and oatmeal muffins with strawberry sauce}. Future Pope Connor was angelic in the cry room, even while all of the other children lost their minds well before the consecration. He looked around at the tear-streaked, red-faced screamers with a disdain that made us all chuckle.

In the afternoon, we planted the flower boxes and hanging baskets that Shawn & Connor got me for the occasion.

Connor's tree made it through the winter!

In this picture, you can see his two bottom teeth. The top front two are almost in now, as well.

YDB, CP. I love you.

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