Tuesday, April 6, 2010

is this really the same kid?

Just the other day, rummaging through our home office, I came across the "professional" picture taken of Connor in the hospital, at 2 days old. {I hesitate to call this photography professional, as the entire operation consisted of two ladies, a wheeled baby cart, and some attention-grabbing noisemakers. The entire "photo session" lasted all of about 4 minutes. Maybe 3.}.

This was back when we thought that Connor looked a lot like Shawn-- dark eyes, dark hair, dark skin. But, over the months, his hair has gotten lighter, his eyes have turned a brown/green/gray hazel, and his complexion has Casper-ed up considerably {turns out his initial coloring had more to do with mild jaundice than paternal genetics. sorry, s.}.

So, who does this guy look like now? {no extra points for matching outfits}.

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