Tuesday, April 6, 2010

{happy easter!}

We celebrated Easter with Shawn's family in J-town, and had a great trip.

We discovered that our infant son can easily pass for an overweight, middle-aged insurance salesman, given the right confluence of expression, outfit, and side-part.

We played some soccer in the park. Matt approached the game with an entirely appropriate level of relaxed enthusiasm, of course.

Connor & I played in the grass, instead.

Lily relaxed in the sun, contemplating the meaning of life. and wondered if she was within arms-reach of the grabby six month old nearby.

Connor learned the finer points of playing pinochle

Like how to mark your ace

And Steve found out the best way to discover that a baby has cut his first tooth:

That's right, Connor has a tooth! It's a bottom middle tooth. I haven't been able to snap a picture of it yet, because every time i pull down his lower lip, he just sticks his tongue out. He's got some surprisingly effective defensive moves.

This was Connor's first Easter. And my first Easter without eating a single Peep. Equally momentous occasions? I'll let you be the judge.

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