Monday, February 15, 2010


Love.... fresh off the griddle with a warm banana walnut topping so decadent that it set off Emergency Response alarms at Weight Watchers Central Command {buried deep in an undisclosed mountain location, known only to those with a demonstrated appreciation for fiber and portion control}:

Needless to say, there were warm fuzzies aplenty chez nous this Valentine's day. After chowing down, we {ok, I} dressed up the First Pancake Himself in some adorable holiday garb {thanks Annie!}. In a nod to his boyhood, I tried to man-up the be-hearted sweatsuit with an automobile-themed t-shirt. {In retrospect, I see the folly in thinking that tiny embroidered trucks would draw one's eye away from the huge red heart applique on his rear end}.

In a semi-miraculous turn of events, his days-of-the-week socks (a) matched the color of his outfit; (b) matched each other; and (c) matched the actual day of the week {unlike those times I come home on a Monday to find that Shawn has outfitted Connor in Tuesday socks and a Friday onesie}.

We had a fun day hanging out at the house:

In the evening, we enjoyed some funky local wine and made our own "ballpark" pretzels to eat during a viewing of Field of Dreams {brought to you by VHS and a much-younger Kevin Costner}. The pretzels turned out pretty great, although I don't see us winning any actual ballpark food-service contracts anytime soon:

Connor helped with the egg wash:

Shawn did our alma mater proud with his Notre Dame pretzel:

I fell asleep shortly after Shoeless Joe Jackson made his first appearance in the corn. Dreaming that some long-dead pretzel artist would appear in my kitchen to do the dishes...

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